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Damp Proofing Systems and Professional Mould Removal

'Don't let Damp get you down
Find out why Damp and Mould is such a problem in Cyprus and what can be done about it'

Problems Damp Can Cause Types of Damp Sugested Solutions

Damp is a very destructive, it can cause a variety of problems in our homes. some of them are quite obvious and visible like
efflorescence, the white fluffy powder we see all of the time here.  Other types such as rising damp and traumatic damp can actually deteriorate  concrete, rust the steel reinforcing steel bars. and cause plaster coatings to fall away.
Rising Damp: The most common type of damp is rising damp. Moisture from the ground rises, by capillary action, up the walls. The moisture often carries salts which are deposited on the face of the wall.
Penetrating Damp: This is caused by moisture which penetrates through the roof or walls.

Properties in Cyprus are typically built without any kind of damp protection, there are various  solutions to damp problems sometimes you need to apply one or more for effective protection.
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"Thank you Cyprus Homecare  for removing the mould from one one of my villas ", Zoe & Andreas, Chlorakas

"At long last some one has done what they said they would do ", George, Paphos

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